DC Eats: Uprising Muffin

May 2nd

Do you know the Muffin Man?

The Muffin Man?

The Muffin Man!

Okay, I’ll stop. Last weekend, I went to check out one of the newest additions to the Shaw neighborhood, Uprising Muffin. If muffins are your breakfast nosh of choice, this muffinery(I believe I just made that up) is a must visit.

Conveniently located right outside the Shaw Metro stop(it literally couldn’t get more convenient if it tried; well unless they started doing home delivery), Uprising Muffin serves an assortment of muffins, coffee, tea, and prepared salads & sandwiches.

muffin muffin0 The décor is best described as comfortable and homey; with a lot of warm tones and some pretty awesome artwork detailing the DC of yesteryear in an artistic array of colors. While waiting on my tea, I also paid notice to the great music selection which makes sense since the shop is owned by Donnie Simpson Jr., the son of longtime DC radio personality & DJ, Donnie Simpson.

muffin1 But you all aren’t here to read about all of that. You just want to hear about the muffins.

I went in to try an assortment of flavors, but specifically had my mind set on the savory muffin which is already known to sell out quickly due to a limited supply. Well, that supply must be extremely limited because by 10am on a Saturday, they were already gone :-(

With a huff & a puff, I decided to instead settle for the blueberry, black bottom and lemon poppy seed muffins with a chai tea latte to wash it all down.



And as far as muffins go, I was pleasantly fulfilled! The muffins are suuuuuper moist and packed with natural ingredients. The blueberry was of course the crowd favorite– by crowd, I’m referring to my family, but the black bottom, albeit a little dense, more than satisfied the chocolate lovers in my family.

The lemon poppy seed left a little to be desired flavor-wise but that’s probably because when something is described as being lemon, I’m looking to be punched in the month by that tangy sweet lemon flavor and that didn’t happen here.


*I don’t think I’ve ever seen a muffin with that many blueberries.*

The muffins are perfectly sized, not too huge like the oversized ones from Costco but not too small either. And for $3 a pop, you definitely get your money’s worth.

Do I think muffins will put an end to the city cupcake & doughnut obsession, meh, probably not. But I’m definitely glad to see a little more diversity in the DC baked goods scene.

~ Dyanna

Located at 1817 7th St., Uprising Muffin is open from 6-6, Monday through Saturday and 7-3 on Sundays. 

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